Why invest with ABL Corp?

Secure attractive returns with innovative risk management

Why do businesses fail?


The key problems are cash flow, trying to secure new leads and pay off debts

– Moses Samaha
General Manager of Veda (SMH 09/2014)

Payment Trends in Australia


The average invoice age an Australian SME waits before being paid by another business

– BSB. (Credit Watch Research)

What are the major issues?

  • Availability of adequate and flexible working capital
  • Up to date and accurate financial accounting information
  • The burden and stress associated with bookkeeping and debt collection processes

The Solution

Asset Based Lending

A revolving line of credit secured by business assets.

Bookkeeping & Debt Collection

Built-in to provide insights before problems occur.

Cloud Accounting & App Integration

End-to-end automation of data to accounting software and finance systems.

Asset Based Lending vs Invoice Finance

Invoice Finance or Debtor Factoring is where a business sells its accounts receivable (invoices or debtors) to a finance / factoring company at a discount (usually at 80% of the invoice value). The finance company takes on the responsibility of chasing the debt. Debtor finance facilities are considered intrusive by businesses, with ongoing verification calls to their customers and the additional administration cost associated with monthly reconciliations, field audits and providing supporting documentation.

Asset Based Lending combined with Bookkeeping services allows business to instead focus their time and energy on running their business whilst ensuring their customers are unaware of any third party involvement. Asset Based Lending is a loan or line of credit secured by the business assets, and not just accounts receivable. Due to the extra security the finance rates can be more competitive, which ensures the business is not unfairly disadvantaged.

Win-Win for both the client and the lender!

The Market

Estimates show there are approximately 60,000 B2B (business to business) Australian companies operating in industries suitable for debtor finance facilities with annual sales between $0.5m to $250m. The current number of SME clients utilising debtor finance facilities in Australia is 4,115 (Dun & Bradstreet 11 April 2016). Debtor / Invoice Finance turnover in Australia for the year ended December 2015 was $64.4 billion an increase of 2.8% over the 12 months to the end of December 2014.

Source: DIFA (http://difa.asn.au/statistical-profile/)

ABL Corp’s Target Market

ABL Corp’s targeted customer sector is start-up businesses to SME’s with a $5m turnover. There are currently no lenders offering a working capital facility combined with a bookkeeping service. We favour lots of small businesses rather that a few larger businesses. Larger enterprises will prefer finance from the Big Four banks, and will be running more complex accounting systems.

The Key To Our Success


The critical component and our main point of difference to other business lenders

Reduced Overheads

Compared to other lenders due to the combining of offshore bookkeeping services and minimising double handling typical in the industry.

End-Client Confidentiality

Appeals to borrows as their clients are not aware of the facility, which is unique compared to Debtor Factoring providers.


Rather than waiting for the borrower to provide financial information, our financial system will have direct access to their Cloud Accounting Software (Xero / Quickbooks) and the App provide easy access to apply for more finance.


Our bookkeeping services include detailed monthly management reporting to ensure the borrower’s business is operating within acceptable guidelines.

Targeted Return To Investors


Targeted Average Annual Return to Investors

After a management fee is taken from the borrower’s interest charges on each transaction, an attractive return is achieved for investors

Borrower Fee Structure


Average Fixed Transaction Fee On All Invoices

Fee is charged on all invoices and not selective invoices like other lenders. This removes uncertainty with the level of interest income that can be generated for investors.


Over 60 Day Aged Debtors Fee

Once debtors extend over 60 days, a daily fee is charged at 0.1% of the outstanding invoice, until paid.

Go-To Market Plan – Customer Acquisition

  • Referral Networks – Finance Brokers

  • Web & Social Media Marketing

  • Xero & Intuit Quickbooks Marketplaces

Attractive Referral Commissions

The commissions on offer to referral partners are very rewarding in comparison to other providers offering other working capital facilities.

Our Dashview App

  • Accounting – Reporting dashboards show the company’s current cash position, income statement, net worth & forecasting.

  • Finance – An interactive dashboard listing all outstanding invoices, 7 or 14 days over their expected payment dates, and the ability to easily notify their bookkeeper or debt collector to follow up the account.

  • Receipt Capture – The customer can capture receipts immediately with the phone camera and upload to the cloud directly from the App.

  • White Label – The app can be rebranded by Accountants, Brokers, Financial Planners, and others. This allows the ABL Corp finance to be sold to their clients.

Management Team

Paul Dowling

Managing Director

Paul Dowling has over 25 years’ experience in current and fixed asset financing initially with the wholly owned finance subsidiary of Westpac Bank, Australian Guarantee Corporation (AGC) and later with Australia’s largest independent invoice finance provider Scottish Pacific Business Finance.

Matt Whitehouse

Director of IT

Matt has over fifteen years’ experience in the IT Industry, in many diverse roles. Prior to Axle, Matt worked as a Database and Hosting Consultant at QM Technologies (ComputerShare) for five years. He setup and managed highly secure hosting environments for QM Technologies banking clients such as Westpac, ANZ, and Suncorp.

Dean Rallison


Dean has over twenty years’ experience in dealing with legal matters specialising in taxation law, corporate structuring and family business matters.

Ben Whitehouse


Working as a Chartered Accountant and Biochemist has afforded to me a diversity of experience that permits me to today work with a fantastic team to develop a fresh and exciting platform for the delivery of Accountancy, Taxation, Business Advisory and Financial Planning, professional services.

Recent Success Stories

Structural Engineering

A small transport company in the asphalt industry. They struggled to raise working capital via their bank. ABL Corp provided a $100,000 facility including a $60,000 interest only loan to allow them to undertake repairs on two prime movers. This allowed the business to put the trucks back on the road generating income. Weekly invoicing increased by 150%.


A small electrical company operating for 12 months self-funding their own working capital. They always struggled tendering for larger jobs due to lack of access to enough working capital. ABL Corp provided a revolving line of credit of $60,000 which allowed them to immediately fund more jobs and grow their business.


How likely would you recommend ABL Corp as an investment to your friends, family, peers?

9 out of 10

* average score based off recent survey sent to all current investors (10 = extremely likely)

How satisfied are you with your current return on investment?

9 out of 10

* average score based off recent survey sent to all current investors (10 = extremely satisfied)

I am proud to be a shareholder in ABL. It it run by an experienced team I have dealt with many times and has excellent long term investment prospects.

Richard Armour

This is a premium investment in today’s economic situation.

Sally Taylor

I find ABL Corp a great investment, interest is paid monthly, any questions or queries i have are replied to promptly. I love the concept of providing bookkeeping, financial advice and funding to small business in Australia. From a client’s perspective the flexibility to funding they offer is one of a kind.

Garry Becker

ABL Corp has a great underpinning foundation to help finance small to medium Enterprises (SME) to get what is needed quickly. Not for moiety gain, but to help with their long term growth, productivity and output, to minimising downtime from lengthy process and approvals in the mainstream financial sector. I invest with ABL Corp as a SMSF Trustee, Company Director and soon, personally. As the SME Clients are providing ABL Corp ( or their Parent Company/Subsidiary ) with up-to-date information via their App and Business to Business team interactions. I feel comfortable and can sleep at night understanding that my investments are being looked after.

Doug Durie

We find ABL Corp to be totally Ethical and highly professional, very competent in managing their clients and highly efficient in communicating with us at all times. We have the highest regard for this organisation and their employees and can recommend the company to any sophisticated investors.

Terry Redfern and Cheryl Morgan

I have had amazing returns on my investment and COVID has not impacted my returns. The communication and updates regarding the Company have been wonderful.

Any queries I have had have been attended to very promptly.

Belinda Brodie

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